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    You are curious

    USEEDS° is driven by curiosity.
    For us, our more than 650 UX projects so far have been more than 650 iterations for us to optimize our set of Customer Experience methods and processes. This is a prerequisite for keeping pace with the rapidly changing IT and eBusiness world. 

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    You need quantifiable business success

    With our customer- centred design approach, we create quantifiable win-win situations for you and your users. Example? For Cortal Consors we improved the UX of an application process (win) and therefore increased the number of new customers by 13.7% (win).

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    You value consultancy AND delivery

    As design thinkers, we need to be “at the workbench” while consulting you. Research, strategy, concepts, prototypes and development have to be interconnected in short, iterative cycles to shape the ideal solution with you. 

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    You embrace technology

    To efficiently design outstanding digital products and services, we need to collaborate very closely with IT experts. Our developers help us to define cutting-edge solutions that smoothly fit into the IT environment of our clients.

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    You are a CX enthusiast

    Empathy is a talent we all share at USEEDS°. We love to interact with people, to understand their mind set, and derive solutions reflecting their needs and desires. For us, this is not an “added” value. This is the single most important value we are striving for.

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    You think customer-centred

    Customer-centred thinking is the foundation of what we do. Within the last 10 years, we have involved an estimated 100,000 people in the development of products and services that make people happy and their lives easier.

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    You are passionate about design

    USEEDS° combines the perfection and efficiency of usability engineering with the passion and creativity of a design agency. This is the ideal set-up for the smart, beautiful services and products we offer.

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    You want to stay with us for the long-term

    We don't believe in a “hit and run“ approach. 75% of our project volume in 2013 was derived with clients we work with on a year-long basis. Trust and proven results are the ideal foundation for successful and enjoyable collaboration.

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    You are crazy about quality

    At USEEDS° every project is customer-tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Projects are always planned and supervised by a UX Strategist with a minimum of five years of UX experience to consistently guarantee superb outcomes.

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    Our Team

    Amber Kyle
    Sven Lieckefett
    Miriam Roy
    Sonja Wilczek