Online Diary Studies & In-home Visits

In order to get a clear picture of what we were dealing with we enriched the available market research data with an intensive design research phase. We created an online diary study in which 30 MS patients, caregivers and family and friends were in continous dialogue with us and each other for more than two weeks. With this approach we learned much more about MS and how patients cope with it than before in surveys or interviews. Some key factores that we identified in his online phase needed an in-depth follow up. For this we visited MS patients in thier own envronment to fully undertsand their needs. All these insights were then consolidated in a single patient journey. From there in the second part of the project we develoed a multi-channel strategy together with Genzyme which kind of serviecs they should offer, which channels should be used and how the communication should feel. 


Genzyme was impressed by the efficiency and depth of our approach and the outcomes.They decided to use the process as a blueprint for all future programmes within Genzyme and Sanofi germany.